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ENGLISH VERSION - Bulletin Nº 26 March 21, 2021


by Rev. Renato Souza Prates

There goes 10 years of history of our organized church! How does time go by fast? The founding members who still remain with us must be thinking!


Our church moved from house to house, from hotel to hotel and from a property to a hotel, recently. Much of our leadership has changed, including pastors, some elders and deacons. Some got married, had children and they were raised in this church. Other brothers arrived, some left, but the Lord's work never stopped!


Our church faced and faces two crises: the first was economic, from 2014 to 2015, which shook the financial life of Macaé and Brazil; the other, pandemic, which affected the health of the world in 2020 and 2021, but she continued her mission of preaching the Gospel through one of the most expensive square meters in Macaé, because it was planted there by the Lord, who never left her forsaken!


Our church went through ecclesiastical difficulties, but it never failed to pray, to seek communion, to teach and to meet, even if virtually or informally, through its domestic meetings. She never stopped believing and investing in Lord’s Fields, knowing that all her work is not in vain!


Our church has always understood that, more than having a temple of its own, it is necessary for us to be a church. It is not limited to four walls, but it is turned outward, towards the other, towards the world that needs it, more than ever! It is the Ecclesia of Jesus Christ and not a human institution, directed, organized or manipulated politically and socially!


Our church is not an upper middle class community, although much of its membership may be. It is a church of human beings, of all races, tribes, nations and social conditions. It is not restricted to one class, it is open to all those sinners who really need transformation, whoever they are: marginalized, corrupt, idolatrous, addicted and immoral. This was Jesus' target audience and this must be ours too! Contrary to what we may think, these sinners are not only in needy communities, they are in all layers of society!


Our church is not perfect. She has a lot to improve! After all, we are human beings. I always tell church ministries that if we are sure that we have done the best we could for the Lord, during the preparation of a project, an activity or a service, we have nothing to worry about: God will accept our offer of praise, even if there are imperfections! On the other hand, if we offer the Lord something that does not cost us anything, no effort, dedication or reference, we will certainly need to be concerned, because the Lord does not receive anything that is not the best of us!


Visitors will always find a community of sinners in our church. If they are attentive, they will observe a service that could have been better offered, an irreverence, an infidelity, a neglect, a rebellion, a disrespect, a lie here and there, a bad testimony, an envy, a jealousy, a malicious comment, a chatter, a strife, a dispute, an arrogant leader and an imperfect pastor. This is the church of Christ! It was to these that Christ was manifested! Although we must not conform to these types of behaviors, but discipline them in ourselves and in the herd, we will always find them among us. That is why you will always be welcome in this church!


Yes, time passed quickly! There are 10 years of organization anniversary and 10 years of learning about “being a church”. May we learn from our past mistakes, to build a strong, vibrant, strategic, worshiping and missionary church! May the Lord bless us!


Therefore, my beloved brothers, be firm and constant, always abundant in the work of the Lord, knowing that your work is not in vain in the Lord. 1 Corinthians 15:58

Faith Shalom! - Dr. Joel BeekeQuarta Palavra
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