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ENGLISH VERSION - Bulletin Nº 33 May 09, 2021

Mothers! Look up!

by Presb. Luís Henrique

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In very different ways, Mothers everywhere in the world are experiencing the consequences of the pandemic - many have lost their children, their own lives, their husbands, their own mothers, family members, dear friends. Perhaps, jobs, home, income. They had to take the risk of having to go to work or, with their children at home, they lost days of work. Depending on the case, they had to make difficult decisions in relation to co-workers, their own position in the company or in the business itself.

Others, found opportunities, managed to take an unexpected advantage. Many found a joy lost so long ago, a renewed satisfaction with things that were forgotten, asleep in the chests of busy, worried life. Still others saw their businesses thrive, providing services that did not exist before and for still others, changes with many good things happened.

In the midst of this whirlwind, this windstorm, what was happening before, continued to happen without us giving much importance. The tears of the oppressed continued to flow. Dreams continued to be thwarted. Fatigue and skills continued to be the result of human envy against others. The sun, the wind, the waters of the rivers and the rain continued on their paths over the land. Likewise, Wicked whose works were treated as works of the righteous and whose righteous works were treated as works of the wicked. Although the appearance is of a big change, it has changed very little or we can say that it has changed a lot for a short time.

Is there anything that can be said: “Look! Is this new !? ” From a biblical point of view, I don't think so.


Mothers! Look up!


Whether in suffering or experiencing opportunities, godly Mothers reorient their priorities and the look of their situations to the Lord. Colossians 3: 2 says, "Keep your thoughts on things above, not on earthly things." They call on the Lord by claiming the promises he left in his word.


They embrace and obey Christ's teachings. They cry out day and night and reach out to those in need. Their thinking is in their relationship with the Lord of earth and heaven. They know that no help or occasion is the result of their ability, talents or chance. His “help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” Psalm 121: 2; Your opportunities too, as the “Lord directs your steps” Pv.16: 9b. She seeks to live in the hideout of the Most High, for in the shade of the Almighty she will rest. Ps 91: 1.

The shadow is the Lord's constant protection and care, and in that care she is uneasy about anything; rather, she has her petitions known to God, through prayer and supplications, with thanksgiving. So, whether in the midst of torment or in the midst of prosperity, the peace of God that surpasses all understanding, keeps her heart and feelings in Christ Jesus. This leads her to take care of everything that is true, honest, just, pure, lovable, of good fame and with virtue, in what is praiseworthy. Making her a virtuous, adorable, captivating, productive mother and dressed in the joy of the Lord who is her strength.

Godly mothers are not without sin. They will fail as mothers, wives, friends, daughters, professionals. However, each day we will be able to see in them the fruit of the spirit (Gal 5) and his desire to please God whether eating, drinking or doing anything else. (1 Cor 10:31)


Undoubtedly, there will be rich blessings from the Lord on the lives of mothers who submit to the Lordship of Christ, who do not seek their own glory or attention for themselves.

Therefore, holy and blessed mother: you must fight the good fight, complete the career that is proposed to you, keep the faith that was given to you and obtain in time due to the crown of justice that will be reserved for you.

Translated to English by Rev. Renato Prates.

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