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ENGLISH VERSION - Bulletin Nº 39 June 13, 2021

Many Waters Cannot Erase This Love!

by Rev. Renato Souza Prates

Alianças sobrepostas

The book of Song of Songs or Song of Solomon is a poetic literature of the Scriptures, but beyond that, it can be considered the only romantic book of the Word of God. Various historical interpretations try to apply a purely symbolic message from the language of Canticles, indicating it as the church's relationship with Christ, as the bride who ardently desires her bridegroom's love and vice versa. However, we must be careful not to force the biblical text to say what it was not written to say about itself.


The various declarations between the couple in love who are the protagonist of the book, Solomon and Shulamith, a woman of mysterious origin in the book, find their apogee in the following poetic declaration: “Many waters cannot quench this love, nor rivers drown it; even if someone gave all the goods of his house for love, they would certainly despise him.” (Singing 8.7). But what does this statement actually mean?


The description of a couple who yearns for a romantic encounter in the suns is the main theme of chapter 8 of Songs of Solomon. It is the marriage closing and the final ceremony that binds and celebrates this union. The bride wants to caress the groom, something that was publicly prohibited in that culture and at that time. The beloved comes from the desert, tired from the walk, to rest in the arms of her fiancé, who is eagerly awaiting her to offer refuge and affection. This love is as strong and as inevitable as death, and the couple is completely enveloped in it. The many currents, not even by their strength, could erase the marks left by this love in the hearts of the bride and groom. The depths, however attractive and deceptive they may be, cannot take your life. This love does not allow itself to negotiate, not even for the greatest riches. This is the love that every human being needs and seeks for its full realization; that when found, is unmistakable and irresistible. The deepest and truest love between human beings!


This Saturday, June 12th, we will once again celebrate Valentine's Day in Brazil. It's not a holiday, but it should be. It's not a pleasant day for everyone, but it should be. It's not a day celebrated by everyone, but it should be. It's not a separate day for everyone, but it should be! Apparently, there is nothing extraordinary about this day, as it was created by publicist João Doria, father of the Governor of São Paulo, João Doria, for commercial reasons and because it was on the eve of the celebration of Santo Antonio, the matchmaker of the Roman Catholic Church. However, this is the only date on the Brazilian calendar that celebrates the loving union between a couple, whether they are married, or engaged and in love.


Although we have scheduled a celebration for our church couples and visitors at this time, through the couple ministry, the difficulties imposed by the pandemic did not allow us to hold the event, which we always successfully hold annually. However, we cannot fail to express our gratitude to God for the existence of couples who have found the wonderful love of Songs with each other, and who, regardless of June 12, are able to celebrate this union every day of their matrimonial existence.


We also want to praise God for the lives of lovers, who are still starting their love journey, at the stage of mutual knowledge, but who are already sure of what they want, and who try to live in a pure and godly way in the presence of the Lord. To the couple, who are already in the final stage of a loving commitment, our praise and intercession to God, so that they can complete their commitment through the bonds of love that casts away all fear! The love that comes from Christ Jesus our Lord! Even though we cannot promote a public party as in previous years, we encourage couples in our church to celebrate their union this coming Saturday, with a loving encounter with suns, following the example of Solomon and Shulamith, who longed to be together, celebrate together, rest together, enjoy each other mutually and love each other forever, since not even death could separate them from this love, which was stronger than anything!


Happy Valentine's Day and may the God of all love bless our union!

From this Sunday on, you will enjoy a Revelation Series with Dr. Joel Beeke. It is amazing studies from which we can lear more about this instigating book.

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